Go Cirkulär, a sustainable business model:

Go Cirkulär was born in Sweden, where sustainability is embedded within the culture. Our business model is inspired by the circular economy because we believe that the imminent present and future are circular. We, the people, face environmental challenges that require bold decisions and transformative business ideas that provide alternatives to consumers who like us, would like to switch to sustainable skincare routines. For us, this means extending the life of food products with bio-compounds that have beneficial properties for the skin. This process is called "upcycling". After finding the raw materials we manufacture high-quality skincare products that are good for people's health and the planet. 

Furthermore, our sustainability mission is at the core of every decision in the organization's structure. This is aligned with our brand values of being: honest, simple, and aware. From manufacturing to the end of life of our products, we analyze the product's Life Cycle and calculate our carbon emissions. Additionally, we collaborate with different stakeholders such as Universities, Food Networks, and other Companies to create research, knowledge, and innovation,  for strengthening our mission and goals.

Some of the reasons for you to support our sustainable business are:

  • To reduce food waste
  • To eliminate plastic in landfills and waterways
  • To avoid chemicals or synthetic material
  • Not tested on animals
  • Small scale production
  • 100% Recyclable packaging
  • Carbon emissions calculation and compensation

Please have a look at our circular business loop below :

We understand "business as usual" is not going to help to tackle our climate challenges.

At Go Cirkulär, we consider our CO2 emission numbers important. Our commitment is to overcompensate for our emissions by investing in projects that focus on improving the development of communities where is needed the most.

Our first carbon offset investment focuses on supporting a Green Energy project.  

The project activity involves the installations of 33 wind turbines for communities In Maharashtra, India. We are happy to contribute to reducing the dependency on fossil fuels for a greener future.