Denna jul doftar kaffe!

At Go Cirkulär, we manufacture high-quality skincare products that are upcycled, gender-neutral, and 100% natural. We carefully craft our products in our lab at Malmö by using only ingredients such as organic cold-pressed oils, natural waxes, and essential oils. We avoid unnecessary ingredients such as perfumes,  synthetic preservatives, or other chemicals that could negatively impact human health or ecosystems. 

Go Cirkulär’s business model and organization’s structure is inspired by the circular economy and the three R’s approach: reuse, reduce, recycle. 

Upcycled Coffee Body Scrub

Upcycled Coffee Body Scrub


Activating & antioxidant Coffee Body Oil 

Activating & antioxidant Coffee Body Oil 

Coffee rescued

until date from local

businesses in Lund, Sweden

580 Kg


"It smells so good and my skin feels to good after"

Sanna Andersson

My skin feels so good

“I  love it and I would definetely recomended to all my friends"

Aidah Samphani

Best Scrub I ever tried!

“It feels really good on the skin!”

Josephine Kaiding